Listen To RadioJacks

Bring Your Playlist to Life

Close your eyes and listen… Is that Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars playing your party? Who invited Justin Timberlake? This is what happens when RadioJacks takes the stage. You see, the songs that are just making the charts are already part of RadioJacks set. With uncanny accuracy, this band delivers today’s top 40 so close to the original that you will think you have the original artist right there with you.
Now open your eyes and see the dynamic, youthful energy of a band that is custom-made to take your party over the top. Featuring two amazing lead singers, RadioJacks is incredibly flexible. From the power pop of Maroon 5 to the dance-driven Lady Gaga, this six-piece band sparkles with both style and sound.
While they have a knack for the new, they also have a suitcase full of party classics. From Frank Sinatra and Etta James to the Motown moves of Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin, RadioJacks will get every generation jamming. Bandleader and pop music encyclopedia Justin Russell will dial in a soundtrack that guarantees a packed dance floor each and every time.

Tune in and let RadioJacks bring your playlist to life.